Intex is a family owned and operated company that was originally founded in 1962. We have consistently offered the highest quality of silk fabrics to the design trade.

We take great pride in our work and employ the strictest of standards. Each item Intex carries is designed in-house by our talented design team. Each roll of fabric is individually inspected in our warehouse and must meet our strict standards before it reaches our customers.


We realize the significance of human impact on the environment and the importance of taking responsibility for its protection. Our mills share our commitment to the highest level of conscious environmentalism, recycling inks, and insuring that no hazardous wastes are produced during the creation of our products.

Intex‘s fabrics have been used in the finest residences and commercial installations around the world. Our line of fabrics have been inspired from nature, travel, museums, and life itself. Our inspirations are transformed into CADs (computer aided design) with images that burst with color. Colors are hand picked to complement each design, and the designs are sent to our mills who transform the designs into the most magnificent of fabrics.

Continued success has enabled us to expand our offerings. Although still considered a silk company, Intex has added linen and other eco-friendly fabrics to its extensive collection.


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